System Engineering Company pvt. ltd. offers comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

Solution to the energy dependence problem

Solution to the energy dependence problem for housing and utility services companies by installation of cogeneration microturbines produced by Capstone (USA), running on any type of fluid or gaseous fuel.

These projects not only can reduce energy dependence of housing and utility services companies, but also have minimum terms for cost recovery (2-5 years).

Cogeneration microturbines are a new generation of cogeneration technology and stand out from standard gas piston cogenerators for the following characteristics:

  • possibility to run on gases with low (from 30%) content of CH4, which makes them indispensable in the utilization of biogas from SDW landfills
  • low maintenance costs (compared to standard gas piston cogenerators maintenance costs and consumable materials are 5-10 times less);
  • scalability of models. The power range varies from 30 kW, 65 kW, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 kW and up to clusters of 20 MW;
  • work in autonomous mode, without the need for use of additional servicing staff;
  • low level of noise and emissions into the atmosphere, which enables the use of microturbines in central part of any city.

Wastewater treatment

Clean - the guarantee of health

We offer our own developments and technologies of leading foreign firms for treatment of highly concentrated waste-waters and domestic sewage by housing and utility services companies and industrial enterprises of various business activities.

Modelling of biological treatment through the use of modern programs Bio Win and Aquasim, gives the possibility to calculate as early as the design stage the areas of nitri-denitrification, removal of biogenic pollution or the impact of external factors on the whole process of wastewater treatment. This approach, unlike the classical approach, allows to design the treatment facilities for removal of required wastewater pollutants and to a great extent simplify long and costly debugging process after launch of the object.

For highly concentrated industrial wastewaters a number of effective technological solutions was developed that allow to carry out the treatment by splitting into stages of the preliminary physical-and-chemical treatment, partial or full-scale biological treatment, and to achieve the desired purification of water for discharge into sewers or into a water object.

Depending on the desired efficiency of various components removal and nature of wastewater, the treatment process may include separate phases of physical-and-chemical treatment, biological treatment and tertiary treatment, or combinations thereof.

As a consequence of applying advanced experience of world engineering companies, we offer technologies that conform with modern requirements for quality of the treatment, applied equipment and operating costs.

"Salsnes Filtr" - mechanical treatment technology.
"TORO" - physical-and-chemical treatment technology based on flotators.
"TBK"- biological treatment technology with application of embedded microbial flora
Wastewater nitri-denitrification technology
Biogenic pollutions removal technology
Sludge mechanical drying technology

The implementation of a number of technologies is possible as a result of utilization of unique equipment, implying the most progressive ideas in wastewater treatment.

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