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Valco Armaturen GmbH

In integrated systems, valves should continue to be functioning for a long period of time and withstand high loads. For the benefit of our customers, we provide support and consulting on technical and commercial issues from the beginning and until the completion of the project. Whether valves are designed to standard or tailor-made according to the customer's request – VALCO always offers to its customers more than just a supply of valves.

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Strojimport a.s.

For 60 years Stroyimport ranks among the most crucial exporters of the Czech and Slovak metal-cutting machines and press-forging plants. Through the active work of Strojimport, Czech and Slovak machine maker’s marks has acquired an enviable reputation in the world. Throughout its activity Stroyimport has gained positions as a reliable partner, an expert with sound experience and representative of the latest technologies in foreign trade.

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DEL a.s.

DEL holds a leading position in complex supplies of investment equipment, complete automation and mechanization of technological processes, as well as in production of high quality industrial switchboards on the Czech market, and successively promotes its positions on foreign markets.

СNС-INTERSERVICE ZLÍN spol. s.r.o. logo


The basic activities are overhaul and modernization of NC and CNC machines, as well as a general modernization process of electronics in numerically controlled machines by replacement of old control systems and electrical components for modern products' CNC systems and electrical components. Additionally, the company upgrades outdated mechanical elements by replacement for the modern one, intending to increase the speed and value of turning machines.

Arako spol. s.r.o. logo

Arako spol. s.r.o.

Arako is a manufacturer of ISO 9001 quality assured industrial valves for nuclear facilities and other technological complexes. The company relies upon 60-year tradition of inventions and manufacturing in association with SIGMA consortium and SIGMA Opava manufacturing facility.

Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH logo

Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH

Research and development, engineering and consulting, manufacturing and servicing – in all our business areas we apply innovative technology of aerodynamics. Equipment and components by Venti Oelde are applied in draft, supply or separation of air, steam, gases, dust and light-weighted substances.

J. Helmke & Co logo

J. Helmke & Co

The HELMKE group, headquartered in Germany, is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of electric motors and drives since 1922. Today HELMKE Group offers tailored solutions for most industrial applications. The company offers versatility, but at the same time sticks to the specialization.

NORD Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd. logo

NORD Drivesystems Pvt. Ltd.

Being on the market since 1965, Getriebebau NORD is one of the major leaders worldwide in drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. Our business offers include a wide range of geared motors, helical geared motors, motors, decentralized drive solutions, frequency converters. We offer optimal solutions for customers worldwide.

Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH logo

Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH

For the purposes of production processes mechanization and automation amid constantly rising costs it is required to introduce and use cost-efficient innovative technologies. TIEFENBACH CONTROL SYSTEMS holds a leading position in the mining equipment market with respect to development of control systems and automation of the new generation. The company also deals with development and manufacture of advanced components for technological processes’ control systems in heavy industry and off-shore.

STROJÍRNA TYC s.r.o. logo


The main production program of the company is production of modern gantry machining centers. The company makes fully controlled machining centers and grinding machines for processing of flat and profiled surfaces. At the moment the company manufactures three main types of gantry centers. They are designed in such a way that allows the final configuration according to the customer's requests.

HOL - MONTA spol. s r.o. - TOS HOSTIVAŘ logo

HOL - MONTA spol. s r.o. - TOS HOSTIVAŘ

HOL-MONTA Ltd. produces binding to design and TOS Hostivař own new developments, grinding flat / holes and universal and special grinding machines. TOS Hostivař - HOL-MONTA has a comprehensive production program, from large grinders for cylinders and shafts to small versatile center grinders. Its supplier program includes both sanders prepared according to specific customer requirements, as well as all necessary operations after repair, refurbishment and optional equipment of center grinders in the scope of the entire production program.

HONKYS a.s. logo


Czech producer offers ALL RANGE OF SERVICES IN FIELD OF PLASMA AND AUTOGENOUS CUTTING: - Projecting and producing machines with CNC according to order. - Delivery, assembly and commissioning. - Staff training. - Warranty and post-warranty service. - Choosing and delivery of spare parts and consumables. - Software for making burning plans. - Modernization machines according to new requirements of production. - Service.

ARAMIS Technologies s.r.o.  logo

ARAMIS Technologies s.r.o.

ARAMIS Technologies ltd.(Czech Republic) operates in the market of laser equipment since 1996. The main activity is the production of precision equipment for material processing. Equipment - Laser cutting machines - Waterjets - Laser engraving machines

TOS Olomouc s.r.o. logo

TOS Olomouc s.r.o.

The company TOS Olomouc Ltd. belongs among traditional producers of milling machines. Major part of production is destined to foreign customers. Today, besides own production of milling machines, the production of pars and components for foreign machine-tools produces is developing. PRODUCTION PROGRAM - Milling Machines - Numerically controlled milling machines

AXA - CNC Stroje s.r.o. logo

AXA - CNC Stroje s.r.o.

AXA stands for complete service around machine tools. This begins with the planning, developing and construction of equipment and components such as swiveling heads or spindles and goes up to manufacturing parts for assembly and installing the machines at the customer premises. Products: - Travelling column machining centres - Gantry machining centres - Original components

"Azovmashinvest holding"

The present-day “Azovmash” is the unique research and manufacturing complex with the complete cycle from generation of marketing and technical concepts till their implementation into production.



MAIN TRENDS OF WORKS OF SE «UkrRTC «ENERGOSTAL» ARE: complex design of industrial enterprises with whole production cycle including general engineering; scientific research in the area of development, creation and industrial mastering of contemporary technologies and equipment for metallurgy, industrial ecology, resource and energy conservation; creation of new and reconstruction of existing industrial enterprises and metallurgical works including integrated design, delivery and mastering of equipment; engineering construction design; innovation and industrial introduction of cutting edge technologies, production processes and equipment in the field of: resource- and energy- saving, protection of air and water basins, wastes neutralization and recovery; testing and measurements, certification and standardization; environmental monitoring; realization of Kyoto protocol principles at iron and steel works and other basic industry sectors of Ukraine.