The Chamber for Commercial Relations with the Confederation of Independent States, which was set up by the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic as a special chamber of commerce, was established in March 1997. The foundation of the CIS Chamber was approved by the law No. 42/1980 Sv. β€œOn economic liaisons with foreign countries”.

The purpose of its activities is to assist Czech businessmen when entering promising CIS markets and to support Czech exports to these countries.

At the moment, the Chamber consolidates more than one hundred and fifty business entities whose activities are connected with the CIS markets from various industries such as manufacturing, banking, trade and services.

The Chamber closely cooperates with state authorities, primarily with the Ministry of industry and Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, with representative offices of the Czech Republic in the CIS countries and with offices of the CIS countries accredited in the Czech Republic.

It provides commercial services and advice (at improved terms for CIS Chamber members) to Czech and foreign business entities:

  • arranges seminars and conferences;
  • arranges business meetings with representatives of the CIS countries;
  • arranges contact days with entrepreneurs from the CIS countries and areas in Czech Republic;
  • arranges trade missions for Czech businessmen to the CIS regions;
  • provides Czech business entities with contact addresses;
  • presents Czech companies in the CIS countries and the CIS companies in Czech Republic;
  • informs of exhibitions and other events;
  • provides business entities from the CIS countries with opportunity to publish their demand and supply on the Chamber website free of charge – by sending them on fax or email

The Chamber takes an active part in preparation for negotiations of the intergovernmental commissions, by expressing at the preliminary stage its opinion regarding materials and reports (protocols) thereof for the purposes of achieving more flexible clearance of obstacles in mutual trade relations. It participates in the events organized by the Embassies of the CIS countries in the Czech Republic. The Chamber takes an active part in determining the regions with good prospects for cooperation, as well as in creating judicial base for cooperation with partners from CIS countries, primarily with Chambers of Commerce and Industry, official representatives of business community, who will provide the Czech businessmen with highly professional services necessary for their activities on the territory of CIS countries.